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Accommodation information;


Please read our terms and conditions below and let me know if you need accommodation. If you need the accommodation please tell us the exact duration of your stay (check in and check out dates) so that we can reserve a place for you in the accommodation.


We have 2 types of accommodations


Please let us know which accommodation you prefer.



Type 1:- Accommodation at Levenshulme;


These accommodations are within 3 to 4 minutes walking distance from the training centre.


These are like flats. Each flat has 2 to 3 rooms. You will be sharing the bathroom and kitchen with 3 to 4 doctors in the same flat.


 Single and double rooms are available.



Rent will be as follows:


Single room rent is £25.00 per night.

Double room rent will be £18.00 per night per person ( 2 people in the same room). 


We have separate flats for Ladies and Gents.



Type:2  Accommodation at Longsight; ( cheaper accommodation)


This accommodation is about 20 minutes walking distance from the training centre.


This accommodation is similar to hotel building which has 3 floors.

Single and double and triple rooms are available.

3 to 4 people will be sharing bathroom and 10 to 15 doctors will be sharing a very large kitchen.


Ladies and gents will be accommodated in separate floors or areas.



Rent will be as follows;


Single room rent is £15.00 per night.

Double room rent will be £12.00 per night per person ( 2 people in the same room). 


There is free transportation from the training centre to this accommodation every day morning and evening.




Also there will be £50.00 Key deposit ( paid in cash only) which will be returned to you when you leave.


Sometimes we may need to shift you to different rooms to accommodate everyone as well as if the doctors want to share the room with their friends.


Facilities available in the accommodation are  - fridge, freezer, microwave, electric hot plate, iron box and iron board, kettle, cutlery and few utensils. 

Bed, bed sheet, Duvet and duvet cover also will be provided. 


We have bedside chest drawer with a latch for everyone. We advise you to bring a small padlock with you so that you can keep your valuables under lock. We cannot be responsible for loss of valuables.


 Check in time for the accommodation is 9am till 7pm only.


You can pay for the accommodation rent when you come here for the course either by cash or bank transfer. Rent needs to be paid on the first day in full for the entire time of the period accommodation has been booked. This amount will be non-refundable. If the rent is not paid in full we will not be able to accommodate you in the course. Once you book the accommodation with us – you can either prepone or postpone the booking period if you wish but there is no cancellation


Please email us (  for further details and to book a place in the accommodation. 





studio flat Bedroom


Studio flat Kitchen