Latest News:
  • PLAB 1 course:

    PLAB 1 course fee is only £550.00 for the long course and £400.00 for the short course.

  • PLAB 2 Course:

    PLAB 2 course  fee is only £ 600.00. Discount (£100.00) for group of 5 bookings.

  • Dr Swamy PLAB courses in Manchester

Dr Swamy PLAB courses is a medical training centre to train International medical graduates for the PLAB exam. We are based in Levenshulme, Manchester which is just a stone’s throw away from the General Medical Council where the PLAB 2 exams are held.

Dr K Ramaswamy ( popularly known as Dr Swamy)  is the course director and is the main teacher in our academy. Dr Swamy has been running the PLAB training centre for more than 12 years and has taught thousands of Inteational Medical Graduates, some of them are now working as Consultants and Registrars in various hospitals in UK.

We have class rooms for the lectures and very large spacious hall for the mannequin practice so that you will not feel the place is overcrowded. Our centre is 5 to 7 minutes walking distance from the Levenshulme train station. 

We take pride in having the most experienced and best known teacher Dr Swamy for the PLAB coaching along with other teachers. We always try our best to give you high quality teaching.

We have all the mannequins for you to practice. You can practice on the mannequins for unlimited days from 9am to 7:30pm everyday. Our mannequins are very similar to the PLAB exam mannequins. 

We have accommodation very near to the training centre ( 3 min walking distance from the training centre). There is separate accommodation for the ladies and gents.

Dr. Swamy

Sim Man ( Talking Mannequin )

We have SimMan (talking mannequin) for you to practice. Talking mannequin station is one of the important and very frequent station in the PLAB 2 exam. It will be very difficult to pass the PLAB 2 exam unless you have practiced on the SimMan.

  • Why choose our course ?

1) Cheapest and the best:  ( Save up to £500.00 to 700.00 if you attend our course).

a. Our PLAB 2 course fee is just £600.00 which includes 12 days course, unlimited days of mannequin practice until your exam date and 2 mock tests. We offer £100.00  discount if you book in a group of 5. This means the course fee is only £500.00. Please contact us for further details. Other courses charge up to £800.00. You can save up to £250.00 to £350.00 if you attend our course compared to other courses.

b. Our accommodation fee is just about £21.00 to £27.00 per day compared to accommodation in London where you may have to spend about £35.00 to £45.00 per day. If you stay for 5 weeks you may save about £250.00 to £300.00. Our accommodation is just 3 min walking distance from the training centre. Most of the other courses do not have accommodation and some of the accommodations are too far away from the centre, so you may have to spend about £200.00 per month just for travel alone.

c. If you attend courses in London – first of all, you will have to travel to London from your place to attend the course and then travel to Manchester for the exam. You will save travel expenses ( £40.00 to £60.00 ) of travelling from London to Manchester.

d. If you attend the course in London, you will have to stay in a hotel for one or two days in Manchester for the exam for which you need to spend about £50.00 to £100.00.

2) Mannequins :

a.  Some of the courses are over crowded and you may not get any place to practice on the mannequins. Some times you may have to stand in a que to practice on the mannequins in those centres. Some courses use the same mannequins for teaching and practice, so when the mannequins are used for teaching, those mannequins are not available for you to practice.

We have a large hall for mannequin practice.  We have separate set of manikins for practice, teaching and mocks.

b. We do not charge extra fee for manikin practice. Some of the courses charge upto £250.00 extra for mannequin practice and they allow only a limited number of days to practice on the mannequins.  Please check whether you need to pay extra for mannequin practice before you book their courses.

c.  Despite paying such an exorbitant fee for the mannequin practice some centres are not open 30 days a month for every one to practice on the mannequins. Which means after your course you will have to wait may be up to a week or two for your turn to practice on the mannequins as well as if you are not successful in the exam you may not get a place to practice on the mannequin immediately and may have to wait for a long time for your slot.

d.  Some of the courses do not have SimMan ( Talking mannequin ) to teach or to practice. We have SimMan available for teaching and practice also.  If you cannot pass the SimMan stations because you were not taught on the SimMan mannequin and not got chance to practice on them because it is not available in their centre, then it becomes very difficult for you to pass the exam. Please check whether they have SimMan before you book the course with them.

e.  Some courses do not have supervised mannequin practice. We have supervised mannequin practice where a teacher will guide you through the mannequins while you practice. We charge only a nominal fee for this. 

f.  If you attend the courses in London you will not be able to practice on the mannequins a day or two before the exam (which is very crucial to your preparation for your exam) because you need to travel to Manchester from London. If you attend our course you can keep on practicing on the mannequins even upto the day of the exam because the exam centre is in Manchester itself.

g.  Some courses claim that they provide brand new mannequins for you to practice all the time. Is this true !! Please get a written confirmation of this from them before you book their course. You can complain to the advertising standard agency if they do not provide the things what they claim in their website.

3) Other points to consider :

a.  We have Dr Swamy to teach you who is well qualified and has more than 12 years of experience in running the PLAB centre and teaching for the PLAB exam.

b.   Mock tests some courses do not conduct mock tests. We conduct mock tests which will help to understand the exam style and scenarios very well and also it can help you to reduce your exam stress and anxiety.

c.   Passing rate  Dr Swamy has a vast experience in teaching the PLAB candidates and has a high percentage passing rate of his students. However, it is not easy to calculate it accuarately.  Other courses claim that they have 95% passing rate for the first attempt for PLAB 2 and 99% pass rate for PLAB 1!!! How did they calculate that ? You can ask them to give you a written confirmation about it. If any courses are giving false information on their website – you can complain to the advertising standard authority. Please note that General medical council passing rate for PLAB 2 for the last year was only about 69% ( as published in some news papers).

d.   If we have many candidates interested in attending our course we divide them into smaller bacthes for the important classes.( Some courses also claim that they take only 7 to 10 candidates per batch but they take 60 to 70 candidates per batch. Again is this true !!! – please get a written confirmation about it before you book.

e.   We run the courses twice a month. If you miss some classes you can attend those classes in the nexxt course. Some of the courses conduct the courses only once a month. If you are coming from outside UK and if you miss the first few days of the classes because you did not get the visa or leave from work or missed the flight, you will have to wait for 15 to 20 days to attend the missed classes.

f. Paying for booking a place in the course. You do not need to pay for booking a place in our course.  If you cannot attend the course on the day you have booked, we will just cancel the place in that course (you do not lose any money), or we can postpone the course date. Some other courses charge  the full fee to reserve a place for you in their course and they do not refund. If you could not attend the course on the day you have booked the course because of visa rejection or you did not get leave from the work or flight delays, they will only postpone the course date but they do not refund the fee. That means you will lose your money if they do not have any course on the days when you want to attend the course ( please note some course conduct the classes only once a month). 

g. Convenience - Our class timings are 9am to 7pm. Some courses teach you for 12 to 13  hours a day ( 9am to 10pm) which are totally unneccessary. They have to take such a long time to teach because they make you to write down all the notes, where as we provide a printed course material.  This is very exhausting  and very  inconvenient especially  for ladies ( because you have to go back home very late in the night - may not get transportation ) as well as the restaurants are not open very late in the night - so you do not get food). 


   h. You may need to attend two courses to fill in the short comings. Since some courses do not have all the facilities ( eg, No SimMan,  Limited number of days to practice on the mannequins, only one course per month, paying for booking, poor quality teaching - you may need to attend another course to fill in these short comings and pay again their course fee ( that means you to have spend about £1300.00 pounds to  attend two courses). Not just you have to spend so much money attending 2 courses but you will also waste so much time ( nearly 22 days just to sit in the classes) to attend 2 courses.



  • 100.00 Pounds Discount

We offer £100.00 discount if you book the course in a group of 5 ( not less or more than 5). That means your course fee will be only £450.00. To avail this offer you should email the names of all the 5 doctors at least 3 days before the course start date and all 5 should attend the same course date and pay the fee before or on the first day of the course. 

Please contact us for further details.